About me

I'm an Academic Liaison Librarian at the University of Bedfordshire. You can find out more about what I do, why I do it and how I came to be here in my  Library Routes/Roots post. I Chartered in 2012 and in 2015 completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice and gained FHEA accreditation. I've been involved in CILIP committees since I joined as a student and I am currently Social Media Officer for CILIP East Members' Network. My main professional interest at the moment is information literacy; I am developing my teaching skills and always looking for new ideas, techniques and tools for teaching info lit.

Outside of work I am interested in writing, feminism, travelling, books, meditation, dairy-free eating and drinking and volcanoes. I would love to live abroad one day (ideally combining the travelling and volcano bits!). I'm currently writing my first novel. I also write a travel blog called The Imagination Trail - find it here or join in on Facebook or Twitter.

I am always open to working with other LIS folk on projects and events outside of work, and I love speaking and presenting as well as writing articles and blog posts, sharing my experiences and ideas with others in the profession. I have enjoyed my experiences of carrying out research and would like to work towards becoming a practitioner-researcher in the future.

I write this blog for a number of reasons; to provide myself with a space to reflect on what I've been doing, and to maintain a record of my thoughts and experiences, to share information, experiences and ideas with others in the profession, and to engage with current issues and discussions.

My LinkedIn profile is here and I am on Google+ here.

You can get in touch with me by email or Twitter. Thanks for reading!