Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My 10 tips and tricks for a happy(ish) Chartership!

I've just returned from a lovely afternoon at a portfolio-building event in Cambridge, to which I'd gone along to speak about my experience of Chartership. I enjoyed listening to the other talks as well as giving mine, and it was a great opportunity to meet some new people and make some contacts. It was also my first experience of creating and delivering my own Prezi, from scratch, and after some initial tech panics, it seemed to go OK! Here's my Prezi (also embedded below) for anyone else who's interested. If I can help with your Chartership at all, do get in touch; I remember how tough a process it can be and so I'm eager to support others where I can.

Happy portfolio-building!


  1. Hi Rachel - I was at this event last week, and I just wanted to say thank you for your talk. I think we have met once before a couple of years ago, as I did my MSc at UWE and I went to a New Professionals meeting in Bristol once. Think you might know Fran Redman? Was going to stop and chat afterwards, but needed to run to catch my train. Congrats on your new-ish job as well!

  2. Hi Holly - thanks, glad you enjoyed it! Yes I do remember meeting you once upon a time in my old life in Bristol. Sorry we didn't get chance to chat, maybe next time!